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Capsules to control and to lower the PSA level; at the same time to prevent and to reduce the hypertrophy of the prostate and with it the inflammations and discomfort resulting from it.

Box containing 90 capsules
Box containing 210 capsules

Plant Origin Capsules in Pullulan. To find out more Click HERE

Also in preventive use


Advantageous prices for large formats of 210 capsules, no additional discount is applicable.

A-Prostine 90 [76509-90]
A-Prostine 90 x 1
A-Prostine 210 [76509-210]
A-Prostine 210 x 1

Hypertrophy of the Prostate:

The Prostate is a small sexual gland surrounding, the urethra or (canal urinary) on its upper section. As long as it is healthy, its volume does not obstruct the passage of urine, and then all is fine. Things become complicated, when its volume increases and compresses the urethra.

About two thirds of the men aged 50 and above, and 80% of the men over 70 years old are concerned and experience some the major disadvantages. One can thus classify the adenoma or hypertrophies of the Prostate among the disorders related to ageing.

However, much of to people seemingly want to ignore these facts and undoubtedly this negligence could be responsible for the frequency of the problem. From the very first symptoms, it is advisable to initiate a preventive herbal medicine cure, especially for the people whose family has shown an hereditary disposition for this condition.

Symptoms related to the adenoma of the Prostate:
Primary urinary problems:

  • Frequency – urinating more often than normal

  • Urgency - need to urinate immediately

  • Nocturia – getting up multiple times during the night

  • Hesitancy – in starting the urine stream

The level of PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) is a specific indicator of the status of prostate. A high level of PSA may indicate:

  • A simple adenoma of the prostate which, although uncomfortable, it is not dangerous

  • Or the presence of a malignant tumour.

 It is therefore advisable to consult your physician to know your level of PSA and to carry out complementary examinations in order to avoid if possible the diagnosis of cancer.

Embarrassments caused by the adenoma of the Prostate:
The hypertrophy or adenoma of the Prostate will make urinating a painful episode, due to the compression of the urethra. The adenoma can involve complications like the dilation of the bladder, a renal insufficiency or lithiasis (presence of stones) in the urinary tract. The bladder being poorly drained will dilate, which can cause urinary infections. Moreover, the adenoma can be at the origin of the presence of blood in the urine (haematuria).

Action of A-Prostine:
A-Prostine is composed of plants and natural substances. The action of this composition is multiple and aims to obtain a progressive reduction in the volume of the prostate by inhibiting the hormones and the enzyme (in particular the enzyme 5-alpha reductase), responsible for hypertrophy. The plants that make up A--Prostine have other beneficial anti-inflammatory and decongestant effects.


Prostate enlargement can also lead to erectile dysfunction and even impotence.

After three to six months of cure, it is advisable to ask for a medical analysis in order to check the PSA level.

Take a capsule at each meal (or three capsules per day).

Pygeum africanum, Opuntia ficus-indica, Urtica dioica, Peumus Boldus, Achilea Millefolium, Vaccinium Myrtillus, Plant origin capsules

Take a capsule at each meal (or three capsules per day). As a preventive approach, take one capsule per day.

(See Advices & FAQ)

Pygeum africanum, Opuntia ficus-indica, Urtica dioica, Peumus Boldus, Achilea Millefolium, Vaccinium Myrtillus - Plant origin capsules

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Here are the Symptoms and Diseases for which A-Prostine provides a solution.

Click on the following links and the Symptoms and Diseases pages will be displayed in Pop-Up windows.

The overall score for the product satisfaction index regarding ALL of the Botavie products is 85.2%*

Satisfaction index for the product A-Prostine covering the 2015-2017 period: 80.4%

*Total number of respondents: 2131. The feedback appreciation scale is fairly simple:  1: Inefficient - 2: Disappointing - 3: Satisfactory - 4: Good - 5: Excellent ( a product with an average score of 4.13 out of 5 will translate into a 82.6 % score).

A-Prostine: Feedbacks from Customers


"I am concerned by a slight prostate adenoma since a little more than 10 years with the usual drawbacks, namely: gradually more difficult and more frequent urination, especially after sitting for a long time in the car. I therefore started a three months treatment with A-Prostine by the Laboratory Botavie. The results are positive because the symptoms described above are significantly improved by taking as prescribed 3 capsules / day.

I continue this treatment because I think it can still reduce the problem. "
Mr Alain Durand, Blois, France


"I have been using A-Prostine for two years, I am very happy with this product, my PSA rate has dropped significantly, I continue to use it."
Mr Jean C. Blaesheim, France.

"A-Prostine is very efficient, I used it for 2 months and my PSA levels went down and I no longer feel the urge to urinate during the night. I'm happy with this product."
Mr Michel B. Herouville, France

"I have been using A-Prostine for a long time and I am really satisfied with this product since my PSA level is now normal, I continue to take it in small doses as a prevention. "
Mr G.B. Pont-Audemer, France


"Your products are excellent, my wife uses TensioReg since three years now and her blood pressure is stable at 12 / 8 - and I am very satisfied with the A-Prostine, now my PSA level is also stable at 4 and I don't have any worries with my prostate anymore. "
Mr Marc P. St-Nazaire, France


"The only remark I could see, is regarding the high price of the product, but since it brought me so much ease and comfort, I could hardly hold this against it. Moreover, since I am a smoker and I spend much more money to get poisoned, I would need to be of a total hypocrite not to spend on efficient cures while complaining about their costs.”
Mr. Jean-Pierre L. - Lyon, France


I went on a 2 month cure with DiabeMine and A-Prostine along with a 10 day DynOrgan cure. My sugar level in my urine is back to normal and my glycaemia level has fallen down to 1.1. My PSA level has also decreased. It is fabulous. Thanks for your advices.
M. Jean-François M. - Valicella, France


Apart from the proven efficiency of the three products I am using (DynOrgan, A-Prostine, and OsteoParine), the service attitude of the people on the phone, the fast shipping of the orders. We are totally satisfied with Botavie.
Mr André and Mrs Odette B. - Rosult, France


Following our phone conversation some months ago, my A-Prostine cure seems to have been useful. Here is one phrase from my medical check up report. “His PAS level progresses slowly, he is at 25. The anal inspection has shown that the hardening of the prostate lobe has stopped, it remains limited and seems softer” Age 81”
Mr. Pierre D. - Paris, France


Thanks for your last parcel of A-Prostine, … the PAS level keeps going down!”
Mr. Pierre R. - Berneville, France


On April 17, 2004, the Total PSA level = 5.71 - On December 21, 2004, the Total PSA level = 4.87, all of this with one capsule of A-Prostine per day.”
Mr. Joseph A. - Les Adrets, France


It is not the first time that I order this product, and I am very satisfied.”
Mr. Daniel A. – Fréjus, France


Total satisfaction for the three products: ArthroMine - A-Prostine – JadeNail”
Mr. Gabriel C. Azille, France


A-Prostine is a good product; keep on being serious and thorough. Thank you!
Mr. René T. - Allègre, France


Good products (TensioReg – A-Prostine –Phoenician Balm), fast shipping, a bit expensive. Thank you”
Mr. Louis T. - Ayze, France


"A-Prostine has seemingly made me avoid a surgical intervention. I am using it for two years now."
M Henri HD - Carpentras - France


"Your A-Prostine product is very effective on decreasing the volume of the prostate. I also appreciate that most plants entering its composition are also good for the liver. However, I find it less efficient for the inflammation of the urethra."
M Jacques A - Pont de l'Ain - France


"Interesting: Following my last order the PSA level hes decreased from 3.40ng/ml (Feb. 22 analysis) to 2.55 ng/ml (May 31 analysis) - The Free PSA proportion on the overall PSA level remains good at 29.4%."
M Jacques D - Avallon - France


"I have been taking A-Prostine for some time now and it is working fine, I have now reduced to one capsule a day and I maintain my PSA level at 3.4 with a good level of free PSA.  But recently I had a urinary problem, I could not urinate with ease, so I ordered SanUral while maintaining the A-Prostine treatment and it worked very well. Within one week it went much better. In any case your products are good, I ordered the Mouse-O-Soft lotion for a friend and it really treated her problem, she was very happy."
M. Bernard L - La Flèche - France


"I am very satisfied with your Cure-H product , because for quite some time I regularly had hemorrhoids problems, and then one day I had a severe crisis. This is when I found your product.  It certainly saved me from a surgical intervention, since that moment on I use it occasionally and it works really well. That is why I now order the A-Prostine from you."
M. Ali BB - Le Mans - France