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Product consisting of a blend of plants with specific properties for problems related to the digestion process, gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD), intestinal bloating and flatulence problems, as well as intestinal inflammation and diverticulitis.

Box containing 60 Capsules
Box containing 90 Capsules

Plant Origin Capsules in Pullulan. To find out more Click HERE

Also in preventive use





Deflatil 60 [76507-60]
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The digestion
After the chewing, another important step of the digestion takes place in the stomach where food is broken down. The intestine completes digestion before the unprocessed part of these foods is finally cleared by the large intestine.

The liver, pancreas and intestine produce digestive juices which, via the action of enzymes, allow the chemical transformation of food.
Poor digestion is manifested by common intestinal disorders: bloating, abdominal pain, heartburn, regurgitation, burping ...


Digestion is not always a long calm river….

Bloating and flatulence in brief:

Gas is the result of fermentation.
Intestinal bacteria “process” undigested food residues to transform them into different elements - some of which are very useful for our body. This transformation process, called fermentation, produces gases. So far, nothing abnormal, quite the contrary. You could even say it is a sign of good health. There is a problem when these evacuation episodes become too numerous, and are accompanied by significant or even painful bloating.

The volume of intestinal gas varies greatly from person to person. An adult produces on average less than 10 evacuation episodes per day, but some individuals can produce more than 100.

Most of the time, the gases are odorless. Odorous gases (less than 1% of the gases eliminated) come from bacteria located in the large intestine which produce gas containing sulfur.

The abundant production of gas is often caused by poor absorption of carbohydrates (lactose from milk, fructose from certain fruits), complex sugars (raffinose from cabbage, asparagus and other vegetables), starches (potatoes, corn, wheat and cereals) and fibers (beans, peas, cereal bran).

In addition, some foods produce gas in some people and not in others, this depends on the presence in the colon of bacteria which assimilate the hydrogen produced by other bacteria. The balance between these two varieties of bacteria determines the amount of gas produced.

In addition to a large amount of gas in the intestines, the feeling of bloating accompanied by pain may be the result of an irritable colon or more serious intestinal problems, in these cases it is advisable to seek advice from your doctor. '' competent medical staff. The same goes for cases of aerophagia.


Heartburn, acid regurgitation, burping ...
Very common condition in the western world, with a prevalence of approximately 20% of adults.


Some causes are medicinal:

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs: Some of these can cause the production of prostaglandins, which protect the stomach from the effects of acidity, to collapse.

  • PPIs - Proton Pump Inhibitors: 60 million boxes are sold each year! These drugs drastically reduce the acidity of the stomach, interfering with the protein responsible for the acidity (the "proton pump") and in this sense provide good relief to those who take them, but heartburn is almost never caused. by an excess of acidity in the stomach. Because the stomach, in order to digest food properly, is naturally very acidic and the walls of the stomach are protected from this acidity by the gastric mucous.

    So the problem arises more when the protective lining of the stomach is damaged (gastritis, ulcers). What burns is acid on contact with irritated mucous membranes.

    When acidic liquid from the stomach rises and burns unprotected esophageal tissue, it is gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD).

    Decreasing the acidity of the stomach is also dangerous because this acidity is our main defence against bad bacteria that can spread in the oesophagus and the intestine and create an imbalance of the intestinal flora (intestinal inflammation).
  • Finally, when used long term, the list of side effects is so significant that health authorities have started to limit their use. These medications should never be used for months or even years, especially since they contain significant amounts of aluminum.

Some causes are mechanical:

  • In case of HIATAL HERNIA: These are mainly the result of repeated mini reflux for many years, at night, when one lies down. The acidified contents of the stomach go up to the bottom of the oesophagus, and little by little, via nervous contractions, will pull the stomach above the diaphragm which then can no longer maintain sufficient pressure to prevent the gastric contents to go back up.

  • In case of OBESITY: a lot of pressure is then exerted on the stomach and digestive organs.

Some causes are psychic:

  • In case of STRESS, DEPRESSION: There are more than one hundred million neurons in the digestive tract (enteric nervous system). Associated with the mental exhaustion they induce, stress and depression through the play of complex neurological interactions can block the production of prostaglandins (which protect the stomach lining from acidity).

Some causes are related to age:

  • With age, the tone and outline of the oesophagus, stomach and lower esophageal sphincter weaken. In addition, there are neural problems, also common beyond this age, which affect the innervation of the stomach.

Some causes are linked to food hygiene habits:

  • In order not to tire the stomach, it is best to avoid meals that are too large, too fast, too sweet, too fatty, or snacking. To aid digestion, stop eating at least 3 hours before bedtime.


The Unani Tradition believes that eliminating symptoms is never the solution and that good digestion is first and foremost about good eating habits.

Digestive symptoms appear mainly when the energy of the stomach and spleen is defective; Conversely, when the stomach is functioning well, it produces energy and allows the spleen to fully play its role and to produce blood in quantity and quality.

The organs involved in digestion are then well nourished and can work in good conditions.


The action of Deflatil:
Deflatil is made up of specific plants and natural substances that ensure better functioning of the organs involved in digestion:

  • by flushing out the "humours" of the stomach

  • by cleaning up the liver and spleen

  • by stimulating digestive enzymes

  • by limiting fermentation and the presence of molds in the intestines

Take one capsule at noon and in the evening with meals. It is possible to increase the intake up to six per day.


Apium graveolens, Urtica dioica, Alpinia officinarum, Rheum officinal, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Cupressus sempervirens, Gummi Arabicum - Plant origin capsules

Take one capsule at noon and in the evening with meals. It is possible to increase the intake up to six per day.


Apium graveolens, Urtica dioica, Alpinia officinarum, Rheum officinal, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Cupressus sempervirens, Gummi Arabicum - Plant origin capsules

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Here are the Symptoms and Diseases for which Deflatil provides a solution.

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The overall score for the product satisfaction index regarding ALL of the Botavie products is 85.1% * 

 Satisfaction index for the product Deflatil covering the 2015-2017 period: 79.2%

*Total number of respondents: 2131. The feedback appreciation scale is fairly simple:  1: Inefficient - 2: Disappointing - 3: Satisfactory - 4: Good - 5: Excellent ( a product with an average score of 4.13 out of 5 will translate into a 82.6 % score).

Deflatil: Customer's Feedback

"I am very satisfied with the Deflatil product, it does wonders for me. I had some bloating and inflammation of the colon.Now I am well and I continue to take it. "
Mrs Solange G. - St-Denis en Val, France


"After 5 months of use of Deflatil I feel that I have no more bloating and my intestinal transit has become regular Excellent product."
Mrs Céline F. Douai, France


“Sincerely, I don’t know about health products that are as efficient as yours, even with allopathic medicine we don’t get such results. (This remark is about JadeNail, BotaDermo, DynOrgan, SanDiaril and Deflatil)”
Mrs Simone M. - Troissereux, France


They are pricy, but I have to admit that these products (Deflatil and DynOrgan) do me a lot of good, I have infected diverticulum.”
Mrs Marie Madeleine B. - Thouare sur Loire, France


Stupefying, I am so happy with the results thanks to your products (Deflatil and DynOrgan) I had abdominal pains caused by diverticula. Thank you!”
Mrs Madeleine de St. - Jugon, France


I am very happy to have known the Deflatil capsules (I have used many boxes to fight against bloating and gas …and embarrassing farting). Many of my friends around me are also very satisfied. I also use ArthriKal I and II, and I am also very satisfied”
Mr and Mrs René C. - Landevieille, France


I use the following supplements: DynOrgan, OsteoParine and Deflatil. Those products do me a really great deal of good.”
Mrs Paulette D. - Paris, France


Relief after 2 days of treatment with Deflatil, very good, 5/5”
Mrs Françoise H. - Colmar, France


Thank you for the DiabeMine and the Deflatil, your products are efficient. For years and years I have suffered because of digestive problems, I begin to feel better. DiabeMine is also helping me, the painful hypoglycaemia crisis are fading away.”
Mrs Judith A. - Brognon, France


I have had intestinal problems from around the year 2000. The traditional or ordinary medical practice has not understood anything about my case (they wanted to cure my pancreas with Creon – a catastrophe). I was indicating that I had problems with my liver with colic and diarrhoea and no one believed me. So I turned over to homeopathy but with irregular results then I read about Botavie in a natural health magazine.The first results with SanDiaril appeared within a week. Now I take SanDiaril from time to time along with Deflatil and DynOrgan, especially when I deviate from my eating habits or eat too much. I have succeeded in re-balancing my diet – I can now eat fruits again. Thank you”
Mrs Yvette D. - Aouste sur Sye, France


I am very satisfied with all the products I use (TensioReg, DynOrgan and Deflatil) 5 /5. Thank you!”
Mr Guy D. -  St Maxime, France


"I had a surgical intervention 6 years ago for diverticulitis, and I find it perfect that Deflatil treats this problem smoothly (on a continuous basis 2 [capsules] per day)."
Mrs Helène DP - Fleurie - France


"I am very happy with the DynaFortis I took last winter and really done me a lot of good, otherwise I was always cold, particularly my feet and hands. That really solved my problem, so I will resume this treatment this fall. And then Deflatil it also relieves me a lot because I have very sensitive intestines. I continue with OsteoParine in  prevention mode. My doctor found that I'm doing better, I know why but I can't tell him anything. Thank you"
Mrs Anne L - Neuilly sur Seine - France


"Deflatil Excellent product !"
Mrs Véronique M - Les Milles - France