Capral Tunnel Syndrome


carpal tunnel syndromeThis syndrome is also known as Repetitive Strain Injury of RSI.
It is a painful and disabling disorder characterized by inflammation and swelling in the tendons that run through the narrow carpal tunnel in the wrist. It is one of the most common repetitive stress injuries. The carpal tunnel is a space delimited by the bones of the wrist and a rigid ligament, which connects the bones between them. The median nerve of the hand and the tendons of the fingers pass by this tunnel. The tendons connect the muscles to the bones of the hand; they relay the movements from the muscle to the bones.

The median nerve transmits the signals by which the brain controls the movements of the fingers and the hand. It also conveys, in the opposite direction (hand to brain), temperature information, tactile sensations, pain and the control of the perspiration of the hand.

The tendons of the fingers surround the median nerve in the carpal tunnel. If the tendons swell, the space of the tunnel is reduced and the median nerve (which is softer and more tender then the tendons) is compressed. This compression induces the first pains to the hand and, over time, it can evolve into a lesion of the median nerve. This lesion may provoke an intense pain, numbness of the fingers, a tingling sensation and even a loss of dexterity. This ensemble of symptoms is called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. People afflicted with this syndrome have difficulty to accomplish the simplest tasks, such as unscrewing the cap of a bottle, buttoning a shirt or turning a key in a lock.

Certain trades and activities are obviously more at the risk, following are some of them; workers of assembly lines (household appliances and electronics) - Office workers using computer heavily (mainly the mouse) - Cashiers in stores - Bakers - Musicians - Cutting of meat and fish - Sportsmen - etc. Other health conditions can be associated with this syndrome: arthritis, diabetes, gout or amylosis.

Action of Mouse-O-Soft 
The Mouse.O.Soft Balm is a lotion based on a mixture of penetrating oils and a blend of specific plants, resins of plants and natural substances, whose powerful anti-inflammatory action reabsorbs the inflammation of the tendons, which subsequently reduces the mechanical stress exerted by the tendons on the median nerve. The balm also relieves the pain associated with the inflammation of the tendons. The balm replaces advantageously the corticoids , without their undesirable side effects.