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Starting Price of € 99.00 
for one bottle of HPS-Care


 Formerly HerpeCure 

For Genital Herpes, Herpes Labialis and Zoster

HPS-Care is a Oil based lotion consisting of a blend of plants with specific properties and concentrated in active ingredients to address genital herpes, cold sores and shingle . Its use allows a considerable improvement in the discomfort and helps to control the resurgence of crises.

Olive Leaves : Antiviral and antibacterial properties to expand the scope of the effects...

The combination of a topical product the HPS-Care Oil and the Olive Leaves capsules helps fighting infections more effectively and more quickly by the mutual reinforcement of their combined effects.


HPS-Care One Bottle of 60 ml of Oil

HPS-Care DUO Two Bottles of 60 ml of Oil 

HPS-Care - Olive Leaves TRIO One Bottle of 60 ml of Oil and two Pill boxes of  100 capsules of Olive Leaves

Also in preventive use

HPS-Care  DUO: Two bottles for €132.00 - Your savings € 66.00

HPS-Care TRIO:  One Bottle of HPS-Care and Two Pillboxes of Olive Leaves for €144.00  -  Your Savings: €25.00