General Sales Conditions

These general sales conditions ("GSC") are applicable to all sales concluded by Alter Phyto with consumers on the website https: // ("Site") or sales made by any other means ( phone, e-mail, letter, etc.). The customer acknowledges having the capacity required to contract and purchase the products offered on the Site.

The customer agrees that the information requested for the conclusion of the contract or those sent during its execution are transmitted electronically.

The Terms and Conditions are made available on the Alter Phyto Site; They can be modified at any time and without notice by Alter Phyto, the modifications then being applicable to all subsequent orders. The applicable GSC are those in force on the date of placing the order.


Orders: Orders can be made:

Via the website:

By telephone on the following numbers: French Green Number: 0805 860 360 or Swiss number +41 22 930 0042


The characteristics of the products are presented on the Site. Alter Phyto can update, improve its product sheets, withdraw from sale its products. Product offers are valid as long as they are visible on the site, within the limits of available stocks.


Any abnormal order or order made in bad faith , any fraud or attempted fraud, any incident of payment of the price of an order may result in the deletion and / or deactivation of the customer account concerned and / or the refusal of the order.

The different steps to conclude the contract electronically or by telephone are as follows:
• Creating a customer account
• Selection of products in the shopping cart
• Identification via the customer account
• Delivery information
• Selection of the delivery method
• Verification of the order
• Acceptance of the GSC
• Payment of the order
Contractual information (orders) is confirmed by sending an automatically generated email to the email address specified when creating the customer account. The order can be changed at any time before payment.

Pricing and tariffs: The products are sold at the rates in effect on the Site at the time of registration of the order by Alter Phyto. Prices are quoted in euros, all taxes included, excluding shipping costs. The amount of the delivery costs is automatically calculated according to each order and appears on the summary of the order, before the payment.

Customs duties: Any order delivered outside the European Union may be subject to any local taxes, customs duties, sea grants and customs clearance fees upon delivery. The payment of these fees and charges is the responsibility of the customer and only of the customer.

Payment: The price is payable only in euros, in full, on the day of placing the order. The accepted payment methods are indicated and selected by the customer before the placing the order on the Site.

The products: The products are composed of plants and natural substances free of all pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The capsules are Plantcaps vegetable capsules based on vegetable Pullulane resulting from the fermentation of tapioca. They are totally devoid of animal products, GMOs, solvents, preservatives or allergenic substances. And finally, we managed to propose products completely free of excipients. Thus a 375 mg capsule contains 375 mg of the plants which constitute the active principle of the product. The products are compounded, assembled and packaged at BOTAVIE facilities in Cyprus for shipment from our logistics centre to our customers around the world.



Our products do not contain GMOs and are not tested on animals. In addition, the plants that make up our products are used in their "Totum". That is the whole plant (aerial and underground parts, except in specific cases) as opposed to plant extracts. (To learn more about the Totum click here)


Right of Withdrawal:
According to U.E.'s regulations following a purchase, you have 14 days to change your mind and cancel your purchase. You can return the products purchased on the website or by phone until 14 days after receipt of said products. However, this right of withdrawal does not apply, in particular, in the following case: sealed goods can not be returned once loosened, for sanitary or hygienic reasons. So if you have opened a pillbox or a bottle of lotion, it can not be returned to us. In addition, you must pay the shipping costs for the eturn of merchandise.
Adress for ptoduct return:
P.O. Box 40702
6306 Larnaca


Our goal: The satisfaction and well-being of our customers. We believe strongly in the effectiveness of our products, however their effectiveness depends on the one hand on the precision of the initial diagnosis, the respect of the instructions and finally, the normal time for the product to take effect. That's why our customer satisfaction policy is based on "common sense". We are ready to discuss any complaint expressed in good faith.

The settlement of such situations sometimes consists of a replacement with another product, better adapted to the situation of our customers and occasionally, with a simple refund or the addition of a credit in the account of the customer usable for a new purchase. Since our goal is the satisfaction of our customers, we are interested in knowing the reasons for your dissatisfaction. Is it an error of interpretation or diagnosis, do we have a product that would be more effective in the circumstances described?


Whatever the reason, do not hesitate to write to us and to communicate with us by specifying your invoice number.

Purchases on our Internet shop: As soon as you complete an order on our website, a confirmation email is sent to the email address provided by the customer. This message contains the reference number of the order, the products and items of your order as well as the billing and delivery addresses.

Credit Card Transactions: The accepted credit cards are VISA, MasterCard, Maestro and UnionPay. Our website uses the secure electronic payment services of the company STRIPE located in San-Francisco, USA. Payment information is encrypted and captured by the servers of this secure payment service. The Alter Phyto company receives the invoice payment without having access to your credit card information. There is therefore a separation between the information necessary to complete the order (choice of products, quantity, delivery address, etc.) and payment information. Transactions are debited on the date the order is executed on our site.

Payments by bank transfer are made with the Bank of Cyprus, here are the details of our account:
Bank: Banque Cantonale de Genève
Account: IRELIA sarl

Delivery of orders: Orders are shipped by courier to France and the EU; 90% of our customers are delivered within 4 days. The shipping costs of 10.30 € are a contribution to shipping costs.


Some customers prefer delivery by the Postal Service by choosing this delivery option in their order. The shipping costs remain the same at 10.30 €, however the delivery times are as follows (the delay are average times, we have no control over Postal Service delivery time).


Orders to countries outside the EU shipped by the Postal Service.



 Shipping Tariffs : Euros € Cost Days to destination
 POST: France / Switzerland / EU € 10.30 Postal Service 7 - 14
 DHL  EU € 10.30 DHL 4 - 5 Working Days Delivery
 French DOM-TOM / Canada - U.S.A   . € 16.00 DHL 5 - 6 Working Days Delivery
 Postal Service 12 -16
 Others countries € 16.00  Postal Service 12 -16
Odrers total amount above €200 .00 Free  

Orders totaling € 200.00 and above are shipped free of charge.


Any order delivered outside the European Union may be subject to any local taxes, customs duties, sea grants and customs clearance fees upon delivery. The payment of these fees and charges is the responsibility of the customer and only of the customer.

Limitation of liability

The information contained on the Site can not in any way substitute for a medical consultation. The information relates to good nutritional or dietary practices that can improve the well being of the person. In no case the information contained on the Site can allow to establish a medical diagnosis concerning your health. The information given on this site and on Facebook or any form of publication from our part will never replace the consultation of a general practitioner, specialist or any other health professional.

In addition, the products presented may not be suitable for people following a specific diet, prescribed by a doctor, in the context of a specific pathology (case of patients with diabetes, gluten intolerance or celiac disease, a food allergy, some kidney diseases) or pregnancy or any other medical conditions requiring a professional medical diagnosis.

The information presented on the Site can not be used for the formulation of a diagnosis, the determination of a protocol or the taking and / or the cessation of taking medication without first consulting a general practitioner or specialist. You acknowledge that the information provided to you is neither complete nor exhaustive and that this information does not deal with the totality of the various symptoms, medications and treatments appropriate to the pathologies or various daily health condition that may affect you.

Any information, recommendations, proposals or suggestions contained in the Site are solely for your general information and do not constitute a medical consultation. They do not constitute a medical offer or medical products, they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases. Any information provided on the Site does not replace professional medical advice.

Accordingly, you acknowledge that the responsibility of the Site can not be questioned in terms of information and products offered, and you agree that the use of such information and products is under your sole and entire responsibility, control and direction.