HaemorrhoidsHaemorrhoids are small swellings, occurring in or around the rectum or at the anus, caused by enlargement of the superficial veins. A haemorrhoid occasionally prolapses, or protrudes from the anus, causing discomfort by strangulation; to relieve the pain, the prolapsed haemorrhoids must be replaced within the anal sphincter muscle.

Haemorrhoids, or piles, sometimes itch or cause pain in the rectum. They often bleed. Symptoms usually occur after defecation, particularly after passing a hard stool. Continued bleeding, even if slight, over a long period may cause anaemia.

A common ailment among adults, haemorrhoids often are associated with habitual constipation and with pregnancy. Prolonged sitting and mental stress may be contributory factors. Pain from thrombosed haemorrhoids may be relieved by spraying with a local anaesthetic, opening the vessel, and removing the clot.

Action of Cure-H
Cure-H acts by using an oily base added with plants and specific natural substances, which penetrate the skin to venous fabric. The astringent and cicatrizing properties of the lotion resorb the inflammations and provide more tonicity, strength and resilience to the venous tissue.

Cure-H has a soothing effect from the very first application, however the procedure must be carried until the hemorrhoids have totally disappeared.

Instructions: Pour two drops on the finger and apply on the affected areas by rubbing gently. If the pain is internal, it is necessary to reach the sensitive area to apply the lotion. Apply twice a day.