OverweightWhy are we gaining weight?
We are not created equal in front of food, but one can say with certainty that we gain weight when the energy intake (calories) exceeds the energy expenditure. The surplus is then stored in adipose tissue or fat. The factors responsible for the increase in weight are varied:

  • Ignorance of the elementary rules of dietetics.
  • An increasingly sedentary way of life.
  • "Compensation Food": Eating is concurrently a need and a pleasure. The pleasure aspect of food must be managed so that it does not become a significant compensation factor for the difficulties of life such as: stress, affective and emotional worries, professional and money related concerns, etc....
  • Disordered state of the glands caused by various aggressions from numerous toxic products. The glands become over or underproductive and not playing their balancing role any more in regards to the sensation of satiety and the overall metabolism of food.

Why lose weight?
Some will be determined for aesthetic reasons. We are sensitive to the criteria imposed by the society about how we look, and nonconformity to these standards can create social and psychological uneasiness. Others will be justified by reasons of health; certain cardiovascular, joint and articulation diseases, as well as diabetes are directly related to overweight. 

Who should use ILOWAB? 
ILOWAB is for anyone wishing to lose weight durably without endangering her or his health. The single-food-group diets or any diet causing any type of deficiencies (often severe) as well as the many of the appetite suppressant products have both demonstrated their limitations:

  • Usually, in the year following a frustrating diet, the majority of people gain more kilos than they have lost, without acquiring a healthier food behaviour.
  • The use of appetite suppressants which inflate into the stomach in order to occupy some volume and to trigger by a mechanical effect, the message of satiety to the brain, can be highly counterproductive. Submitted to such a procedure, the volume of the stomach remains identical in the best of the cases, but it can also get bigger.

Action of ILOWAB
ILOWAB was conceived to decrease the sensation of hunger by fostering a natural hormonal balance which will help to reduce food consumption without the frustration that usually comes with it. 
ILOWAB was elaborated with the objective of being innocuous for one’s health while allowing a progressive loss of weight.

  • When the hormonal balance is reached the feeling of satiety is triggered earlier, allowing to eat less and to avoid nibbling during the day and consequently losing weight.
  • The activation of the metabolic functions makes it possible to reach the ideal operating temperature for the body’s glands and organs implied in the transformation and the assimilation of food. Thus, the diuretic effect induced by the metabolic processing of food facilitates its elimination.

ILOWAB helps decreasing the quantities of food ingested, and to acquire the practice of moderation. ILOWAB entails mid-to long term vision and re-education of one’s food related behaviour, while maintaining the pleasure.